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Renny Chivunga

Water Operations Engineer

Renny grew up in Zimbabwe, modelled in NYC for a couple of years and ended up studying Engineering at the University of Newcastle. She now works as a Water Network Operations Engineer and calls Newcastle her home.

She also touches on empowering issues for the young woman today and shares important insights on the Black Lives Matter movement, diversity, and how our City has embraced her. She reveals her deeper commitment to the precious resource of water and how our university opened the door to her career.

The Love Of Art

Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation - Meet The Artists

We are inspired by our local artists who have created a compelling new series of works during the recent lockdown. We ask them to talk about their work, their City and the importance of the Gallery, particularly in response to the unusual year of 2020.

We are excited to collaborate with the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation to bring these stories to you and celebrate the Work and our Gallery.

It has been our pleasure to work with them on this project.

Lottie Consalvo

Artist / Painter, Sculpture & Performer

We are delighted to share our short story featuring Lottie Consalvo. Lottie is a Newcastle-based artist whose practice traverses painting, performance and sculpture. Her work explores the distant self and its parallels to the expanse of the sea. Lottie has worked in other cities and landscapes such as Berlin, Leipzig, Paris, Kenya and shares her insights on living and working in our evolving Newcastle. She discusses the importance of art in our City's transformation and the gifts of living in a City by the sea.

Trystan Eeles

Software & Social Engineer -

Trystan and his team at Liftango are working to improve human accessibility and liveability of our built environment. This lies at the heart of his vision for Newcastle. He is focused on using tech to bring people together in shared mobility.

Mikayla, Skip & Alex

Dance Artists -
Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub

‘Industry to Nature’ - These artists in collaboration with Director Cadi McCarthy from Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub came up with the brief - interpret our City’s journey from Industry to Nature. The artists responded with a series of dance phrases that celebrate Newcastle’s unique landscape and the City’s revitalised connection to the shoreline and ocean. Industrial boots and a white linen shirt are taken to the beach with bathers, reflecting our city’s unique composition and lifestyle. They also inspired the sound design to carry these themes of the drama of industry and the emergence of nature. The various dance phrases are explained in a series of three short stories.

Meegan Jones

Sustainability Manager

Meegan is a global sustainability expert that talks about the opportunity for Newcastle to become a world leader in sustainability and the circular economy

Michela and Alfonso

Food Artisans -
Popolo & Napoli Centrale

Alfonso and Michela share their passion for Neapolitan flavours and food and life and how the City has changed their lives.

Tim and Tiff

Local Maker & Retailer -
Scout & Abicus, Darby Street

Tiff and Tim have 20 years experience in business with a unique focus on creating new levels of innovative store activation and engagement across fashion, music and literature. They are strong advocates for the Walkability of our City.

Juliana, Angela & Rowena

Local Maker & Retailer -
High Tea With Mrs Woo

Sisters - Angela, Rowena and Juliana create and manufacture their own clothing label and are also advocates of our City’s development of a circular and share economy based in sustainable practices.

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Our story is about a peninsula city that is changing. It is a story of economic and cultural change and how the City and its people work with these changes.

Newcastle has its roots based in traditional resource based industries such as coal and steel and now must face the required changes to survive the future and grow a modern, sustainable and smart city.

What will the communities, businesses, industries and jobs of the future look like?

This is the story of Newcastle, arguably a microcosm of what the world faces.

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